Power Generation Industry

From turbine, generator, boiler, spares, steam, turbine and blades, we can provide almost any part. We also manufacture urgent components during outage periods for rapid refitting.

Lenoch have the specialist experience and knowledge within turbine, generator and boiler spares; including full refurbishments and repairs of critical parts and assemblies. We have experience with rotary plant, value assemblies and balance of plant. We hold a comprehensive stock of ‘power’ grade materials including Duraheats, STVM’s and ASTM grade as well as universal costings and forging, allowing for rapid manufacturing any time of day or night.

Lenoch Engineering has more than 55 years’ experience as a multi-service provider of high quality parts for turbine, boiler, generator and balance of plant spares.

Engineering Services include:

  • OEM spares
  • Reverse engineering
  • Repair and refurbishment of existing plant using OEM methods
  • Procurement
  • Project management

Lenoch is the preferred partner for shutdowns and outage periods giving you full 24/7 manufacturing at a moment’s notice. Coupled with a large stock inventory of power grade materials, we are able to manufacture, or repair, almost any part.

Our components are designed to withstand high temperatures, extreme pressures and continuous 24/7 operation. From original OEM specification, through manufacture of industry spares, we get it right for you first time, every time.