Automotive Engineering

From immediate response breakdown solutions for production lines to bespoke components for F1 and high performance cars, Lenoch provide fast, high-quality engineering solutions.

Our capabilities include:

  • Repairing and manufacturing high precision components and spares to minimise costly line outages and design.
  • Manufacturing and fitting line improvements.
  • Creating lean solutions.
  • Supplying and modifying jigs and bespoke tooling.

MTTR and OPR Improvements

Motor gear boxes, Fabrication & Access Platforms
We have improved MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and OPR (Optimal Performance & Recovery) for various automotive clients, saving them millions in costs. We streamlined the maintenance and repair of various stations which were prone to breaking by:

  • Implementing processes to change or repair the part/facility in fewer hours. One example of this is changing all of the motor gearboxes on a production line to plug and play for easy change over. This reduced motor gearbox swap by approximately 4 hours.
  • Providing access to critical assemblies. One example of this is when we designed and installed a number of bespoke fixed/retractable access platforms to reduce access time for routine PPM tasks and emergency access.

Automotive production line maintenance support and rapid response breakdown

We are a tier 1 supplier to many automotive manufacturers and their supply chain partners. Our core business is supplying critical spare parts to a host of automotive manufacturers. We aim to reduce costs, delivery time scales and client downtime.

We have the ability to reverse engineer any broken or worn part, meaning a repair is quicker than awaiting a new part from the OEM supplier. We can also manufacture 24/7 to meet client demand in the event of an emergency.